Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Other Sheep is joined by PRA in calling Rick Warren to Denounce Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Dear Other Sheep Friend,

Political Research Associates released an eNews yesterday with the following bold headlines: PRA Calls on Rick Warren to Denounce Proposed Antigay Law in Uganda. Other Sheep is gratified in learning that PRA, with their eNews of October 28, is acting with the same concern Other Sheep expressed in its eNews of October 19 in which Other Sheep called upon evangelicals Rick Warren, John Stott, Douglas Carew and the Association of Evangelicals in Africa (AEA) to accountability for their active part in inducing inhumane and hateful attitudes of Africans towards homosexual Africans.

On January 6 and on October 19 of this year, Other Sheep reported that in an article on homosexuality in Africa Bible Commentary, published by AEA and endorsed by Warren, Stott and Carew, homosexuals "are worse than beasts" and should not be tolerated; homosexuals are "abnormal, unnatural and a perversion." The article also asserts: no view other than the evangelical view is to be given consideration; the common denominator of same-sex sex is coercive sex; and to be homosexual is sinful. Africa Bible Commentary, published in 2006, is a commentary on the Bible by 70 African evangelical Bible scholars. The featured article on "Homosexuality" is authored by evangelical Nigerian Tusufu Turaki.

According to the October 29, 2009, Daily Monitor, a group of religious leaders speaking on October 28 to the committee on presidential affairs by which Parliament began public debates on the Bill, affirmed that they generally support the Bill because "homosexuality is an evil and is anti-godly."

Rev. Steve Parelli
Other Sheep Executive Director
MCC clergy
Bronx, New York

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