Monday, November 16, 2009

God does not teach death for gay people

It is very wrong to base one’s arguments against gays on statements like “unAfrican” and “unnatural” and then discriminate against them on the basis of their sexual orientation. It is even more wrong to condemn them to death as if they were bedbugs.

I have no time for gays and believe the perversion can be fought with the right methods. Social exclusion and absolute use of force leading to the discrimination and murder of gays is not the right way to go. It is against international human rights standards, a standard Uganda will be judged by.

The worst thing is for a Christian or some other religious person to support the Anti-Gay Bill based on religious grounds or “morality.” There is absolutely no basis whatsoever to bring religion into politics because the only tangible benefit religion offers Africans today is love and hope.

If you think your God agrees to making gays a target for persecution and execution, then I can also subjectively bring out a quote from His lovely writings that says gays should be given extra love, forgiveness and kindness. Please do not use God’s great name to promote discrimination, state persecution and execution of human beings.

Sajio Kassana,

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