Friday, July 10, 2009

Ssempa praises Red Pepper at Journalism Symposium


The acclaimed anti-sodomy activist Pastor Martin Ssempa hailed the Red Pepper on Tuesday evening for its continuous exposure of evils in society. He hailed the mighty tabloid for being the whistleblower. He narrated how he escaped prison by a whisker because of the media exposure on the sodomy case which prompted the president to issue a statement.Ssempa also praised the only paper that talks sense for their balanced coverage on the IGG saga saying corruption would thrive after IGG Justice Faith Mwondha’s fall. He made the remarks while presenting a paper at a journalism symposium held at Imperial Royale Hotel. The man of God also praised the paper for making reforms that have improved the content run in the print media in Uganda. He noted that the lack of a firewall to crosscheck what the public consumes is lacking. He likened the clergy to the media because they are both trusted, believed though not well paid.

He said in each group like in other professions there are ‘ghosts’ so instead of criticizing the whole group, there is need for the emergence of ‘ghost busters’ to ensure authenticity. The Journalism Symposium was part of the 20 years’ celebrations of Mass Communication Department of Makerere University. This Saturday there will be a Walk from the Freedom Square, Makerere to Railway Grounds. The climax of the celebrations will be on Sunday when a Gala dinner will be held at the Serena Hotel and the First Lady, Janet Kataha Museveni is expected to be the chief guest. Tickets are on sale at Shs75,000 while the corporate table will be at Shs1m.

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