Friday, July 10, 2009

Boy, 12, Accuses Football Coach Of Bum-shafting Him


A twelve year old boy has pinned his football coach for having ruthlessly shafted his bums in a Banana plantation.Yiga Suleiman a Primary six pupil at Universal Junior School tearfully revealed this sad story to the Red Pepper yesterday.He said insensitive Joseph Sempijja a football coach at Mess football club, in Nsambya humbly requested him to carry his luggage and accompany him promising to pay Shs3000. “As we reached a banana plantation he turned monstrous ordering me to remove my pair of shorts. When I resisted, he boxed and threw me down. He tore my shorts and inserted his mega gologo into my tinny bum,” the tearful Yiga revealed, as his mother who could hardly control her own tears soothed him. He added that when he tried to make an alarm, the heartless lumpen gagged his mouth. After painful monstrous act, shameless Sempijja told Yiga to always go for another round if he wanted to become the team’s captain.

He promised to introduce me to whites who would buy me a sports bike if I carried on with the societal vice.
Yiga said the act was so painful but the wicked coach sternly warned him not to tell any one. “I tried to keep it a secret for a few days but the pain forced me to tell my mother Aisha Nasozi. I had developed bloody diarrhoea plus some bruises in the butt,” he said. He was taken to Malcolm health centre in Kibuye along Entebbe road. Nasozi said she was forced to change to another clinic because the wounds failed to heal. She later reported the case to Kibuye Police and the suspect was arrested. Sempijja is facing charges of bum-shafting a minor.

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