Monday, July 20, 2009


A top Member of Parliament from western Uganda is today exposed as a shameless legislator who derives maximum pleasure from cheerfully drilling the bums of young boys, The Red Pepper can today reveal. The vertically challenged sex pest who represents a nomadic area in Parliament has of recent been mercilessly shafting his male employees at his plush Hotel -cum-dungeon.The big bellied MP, we can exclusively reveal, is accused by his employees of failure to pay their salaries on top of sexually abusing their bum territories in a harrowing Nazi-like sodomy style. The defenseless young boys are living in untold fear after the powerful and highly connected MP in the ruling party threatened to pull out his gun and smash their brains if they dared expose his sordid sex secrets.
“That’s when we threatened to expose his dishonesty and stinking character traits. But he said no one would stay alive if any of his horrible sex scandals leaked,” one of the boys who was sodomised confessed. It’s an intriguing story of a powerful legislator who takes advantage of the young boys’ misery to satisfy his raging libido. It’s a harrowing tale of a married man who leaves his lovely wife at home to romp with the boys.“We were forced randomly to perform oral sex with him and until we talked to one another and found out that he had done the same with all the rest,” wept one of the boys whose bum was shattered by the sex pest.It emerged that the boys worked for the MP for full three years and never received even a single penny. In what appears as one of the highest profile scandals set to rock the house, the guys narrated to us how the horny MP would force them to suck his 7.9 inch whopper and during the steamy orgy, he would moan like a hungry lion. “That MP has a sexy babe at home but his love for the boys’ bums is unquenchable. He has shafted the bums of all of his employees and forced them to do his whopper.
He is an ardent fan of blow-job,” noted a source. In their painful confessions, the devastated hunks note that the MP’s whopper is too huge to contain and when he’s shafting them, they feel wild fire in their bu-butts.
“The MP’s whopper is like an anaconda. It even got to my intestines. It was very very painful,” added one of the victims. We are told the MP has hundreds of lubricants he uses in his hot sadomasochist sessions and that they last for five to six hours.As we write, the devastated boys have already lodged their heartbreaking complaints to a church leader in Buliisa who has advised them to rush to police.The exposure of the lurid sodomy orgy invokes memories of a sexy waitress who was fired by a minister from Namboole Stadium after she refused to wash the elnino-soaked bed sheets after the high ranking government official enjoyed a sizzling romp with a water-logged prostitute.

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