Monday, December 20, 2010

Buturo blasts human rights body over film

By Anne mugisa

ETHICS minister Dr. Nsaba Buturo has accused the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) of promoting homosexuality using a human rights documentary.

The commission attacked Buturo after he banned the documentary titled Do not Discriminate. Buturo insisted the documentary contained controversial material.

In a press conference yesterday, the minister scoffed at the UHRC, saying the organisation that should protect Ugandans’ interests had fallen by allowing themselves to be used by those promoting western vices.

He said the people showing the documentary at the National Theatre had refused to divulge its contents or allow the officials to have a preview.

About 500 people, including school children, had been invited to watch it.

Buturo observed that when UHRC realised that the Government would not allow them to show the documentary, they reluctantly allowed an official and the theatre management to view it.

Those who viewed it, he said, reported offensive material in the documentary. He said worthy themes like women’s rights were added to justify the documentary.

“We told them that if they wanted to show that documentary, they had to edit it and remove the controversial material. We also took offence that young people were invited to watch.”

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