Friday, December 10, 2010

Anti-Homosexual MP from Uganda, David Bahati Booted out of USA

Melanie Nathan – Dec 09-2010 Bye- Bye Bahati. Sources have informed LGR that David Bahati ,who was taped for yesterday and today’s Rachel Maddow Show, was told to get out of the USA by authorities Thursday.

Bahati had planned on staying in the USA; he could leave over the weekend, but he was asked to leave right away by Department of State officials. He had been banned and refused entry to the conference which was the basis for his his single event VISA to enter the USA. When he showed up for the Conference he was asked by Organizers to leave and refused entry, despite the fact that other MP’s from Uganda had been allowed to participate.

The organizers cited the fact that they would not associate themselves with the Author of what became known as the Kill Gays Bill, officially The Anti-Homosexual Bill; which Bahati hopes will pass in Uganda in the Spring.

Authorities informed Bahati that he was no longer welcome and nor was he legally entitled to remain in the USA. He was put on a plane for Paris and is probably in the sky as we speak. So while you are watching him on Maddow, he is gone! A large group of activists were planning to protest tomorrow. However now that he is gone – protests have been called off and the activists assert they are happy he is gone.

Now perhaps our protests will be with our US dollars. Did you know that we use a great deal of Ugandan coffee. Nest time you are in Starbucks ask what Coffeee they use.


By the way Dear – Ugandan Readers – we love the people of Uganda – I have two beautiful children and I am a lesbian – I will never hurt my children or yours. American society accepts me, its only the fringe like the Fellowship that Bahati Belongs to that put out false information about people like me. None of it is true. Bahati spent the entire say shopping in the most expensive part of DC USA today. Whose money is he using. Do not vote for BAHATI he is spending your money on luxury in the USA. If the anti homosexual bill passes, I expect Uganda will be isolated by the International community and it will loose all friends. Because Bahati says that Gay people have no human rights. That is against the International Declaration of Human Rights

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