Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ugandan Activists Falsely Accused

Let’s expose them one by one who recruit our sons, daughters, brothers and sisters into this sinister behaviour of homosexuality Here is a list of top recruiters on ground well facilitated and determined to do so. 1. Frank mugisha of sexual minorities Uganda who resdies in nalya driving posh vehice.He always moving from country to country mobilizing money and he has amassed a lot of money. He is into young boys and his boy friend is in U.S for asylum one Ronnie. 2. Kasha nabagesera who is charged of recruiting girls into lesbianism and he works with freedom and roam Uganda based in ntinda where she also resides. She is also loaded with funds from western governments. 3. Pepe onzima who coordinates all activities to do with media and recruitment. She resides in nalya. 4. Dennis wamala who works with ice breakers Uganda located in makindye. He specializes in accommodating young boys who run away from school to enjoy the booking. 5. Ntebi Sandra who is the chief whip of the group. She boosts of being an army woman and works with gender and law at makerere. 6. Kimbugwe moses who works with spectrum Uganda coordinating recruiting university boys and soccer fans. He resides along Nassana road and sometimes on gayaza road. 7. Ogwaro jeff who is the chief coordinator of all the activities in the country resding in makindye working with refuge project at old kampala. 8. Wambere longjones who operates a tout company at namaganda plaza who books boys as if there is no tomorrow. He is HIV positive and he has done his part in passing it over to others. 9. Junic walabya who has been recently sacked at her job in mulago as a nurse is managing the ntida side all over the bars in recruiting educated and well to do married women into lesbianism. 10. Sam MTN who resides in Gayaza in his mansion. He organizes sex parties every weekend where boys book each other with out condoms. He is much respected in their community as he has laot of money and when he sees young boys he can’t miss and he likes it with no condom. 11. Opio sam who owns one youth organization and is has managed to recruit boys especially up conntry in mbarara and mbale. He resides along gaba raod. 12. Victor mukasa who resides in South Africa is the chief campaigner. 13. Niiki mawada who specializes in changing boys gender into girlish I will continue with the list as we fight this acts and whether we die or not we shall fight and win to the end.

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