Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rollingstone Court update

Since it first published names, addresses and pictures of people it perceived as homosexuals in Uganda, many people have been hurt physically and emotionally.
It is against this background and many more publications in the redpepper, the onion, etc that three individuals (names withheld) decided to sue the rolling stone in miscellaneous cause 163/2010 before Justice Kibuuka Musoke.
After apologizing for the delay in listening to this case (he said he gave a time and date before looking at his schedule hence he postponed the hearing from 10 AM on 01/11/2010 to 3 PM on the same date).
The court found that the newspaper breached the right to privacy of the individuals named and shown and that it had (the court) to intervene immediately or else these individuals might suffer physical or emotional harm.
The court also found that if it did not act immediately, this publication might continue with this very disastrous act (the Judge was afraid that anyone including himself can be implicated in the press as being homosexual).
The court found that even if someone is actually a confessed homosexual, they should not be published in the press as this.
Hence the court allowed application 163/2010 and gave a restraining order for ROLLING STONE or any other publications by the respondents , their agents or servants, the identities by name or pictures or any relevant implication of the person or person perceived by the respondents to be gay, lesbian or homosexual in general from being published.
This order stands until the case is disposed off. Hearing is scheduled for 23rd November 2010 at 9 AM.
The court decided that the respondents pay costs for the injunction.
Till 23rd November 2010
Wamala Dennis Mawwejje

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