Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The day bombs rocked Kampala

It was the second half of the FIFA world cup final between Spain and Netherlands in soccer city-South africa (the first world cup on African soil). The score was nil for both teams and as the world was waiting for a goal, some people in Kampala had something else on their minds.
First a bomb went off at the Ethiopian village in a Kampala suburb called Kabalagala. (Remember Ethiopia invaded the Al-shabab in Somalia).
Then as the news began trickling in around Kampala, two more blasts in a period of one minute went off in another popular hangout called Kyadondo Rugby Club.
Before we knew it, 76 people were dead and scores more injured. What was left was for us to call around to make sure family and friends are okay.
And then like a hammer, news comes in that a certain man claiming to be a member of Al-shabab in Somalia (an affiliate of Alqeada)was celebrating the death of innocent people-I wonder how some people think.

In pain

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