Monday, May 3, 2010

Lou Engel in Uganda

When we got to the venue of the call prayer meeting, we expected some stinging statements but what we heard was out of this world.
First before a congregation of about 200 people and many empty seats, the opening prayer by a lady called Agatha put homosexuality above Corruption, terrorism, witchcraft, etc
But let us start with the participants; from Uganda we had the organizer Apostle John Mulinde, Pastor Kimuli, Julius Oyet, Nantongo, Elijah Kintu, Ndugwa, Apostle Ephraim Nyonyintono, pastor Nkambwe, Hon. Dr. Nsaba Buturo and family, Hon. Bahati of Uganda, family life network, foreign and local press, believers and non-believers. We had people from US, UK, Croatia, Kenya, Rwanda, Taiwan, etc
We were made to believe that there were many issues to be prayed for including homosexuality but with the first round of prayer, already God was being asked to help parliament pass the anti-homosexuality bill without debate, MPs, ministers, business community, religious leaders, cultural leaders and people from all the boarders of Uganda were prayed for to declare that Uganda is not for homosexuality. This according to Pastor Julius Oyet was in the presence of Ugandans and people from the whole world.
Pastor Julius Oyet said that children are being attracted to homosexuality for monetary gains like school fees and that Uganda was not going to be intimidated into accepting homosexuality.
Lou engle on stage
He said he come to know Uganda through Apostle John Mulinde and knew nothing about the anti-homosexuality bill when he was being invited to Uganda hence he had a big debate on whether he should come to Uganda when there was international controversy over his trip.
They were under a lot of pressure and now they understand the kind of pressure Ugandan pastors are under.
He encouraged Ugandan pastors to stand firm because they have been chosen to lead the world in the fight against homosexuality and that they are standing for the truth.
The pastors don’t hate gays or spread hate but NGOs, UN, UNICEF, etc are promoting a homosexual agenda which is against the teachings of the church.
Uganda is a Christian nation and God loves everyone trapped in sin but marriage was established between Man and woman for the wellbeing of children.
The government of Uganda should uphold righteousness in this land.
America has lost the fight against the homosexual agenda and it has got into school. Parents are even losing power over their children as schools are teaching them that homosexuality is okay.
God is using Uganda as ground zero or a starting point for the rest of the world against homosexuality. God chose Uganda.
His son prayed for the sexually broken and then all youths below 30 years were called in front and blessed to be the front runners in the fight for morality in Uganda.
Lou Engel and crew went back to US immediately after his prayer.
Hon. Dr. Nsaba Buturo on stage
All Ugandans are expected to follow what God says, if God says homosexuals are wrong, who can stand up and say that they have rights. Homosexuality is not a human rights issue, it is a sin.
Nsaba Buturo invited Bahati on stage to great applause, praising Bahati as a hero and declaring that homosexuality is not a human rights issue but an abomination.
We have laws showing that we don’t want homosexuals but we feel these laws are not strong enough hence the need to pass the Bahati bill without debate
There is need for us to pray for Bahati and MPs so that they can pass the bill without debate
It is our business to do what God says not what people abroad think, however powerful the nations are. Uganda will not accept that nonsense
Our dignity is not for sale.
We don’t hate homosexuals but they are lost and we are helping them.
Uganda is leading the world in fighting homosexuality and we will not accept any intimidation because if god is on our side who can be against us.
Why is homosexuality an issue today when it was not some years back?
All the pastors prayed for Bahati.
A final prayer was made for homosexuals and it was stressed that the church is not for killing homosexuals but wanted to win them over.

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