Monday, April 26, 2010

Mbale pastors in anti-gay demo

Sunday, 25 April 2010 19:15
Religious leaders from Bugisu and parts of Teso on Saturday denounced homosexuality during a demonstration in Mbale town. After the march, the demonstrators congregated at Malukhu Grounds from where speaker after speaker bashed homosexuality.

Pastor Samuel Macho of Living Word Worship Church Mbale claimed that over one million people had signed a petition against homosexuality. Collection of signatures started on April 1.

“We have those from Mbale, Sironko, Manafwa, Bududa, Kumi, Ngora, Soroti and Tororo, all saying no to homosexuality and we are still collecting more signatures. Our campaign is still going on, and forever,” he said.

“Some immoral Europeans are supporting homosexuality in the name of human rights, but there is no human right in it at all. It’s a humiliation of the highest order. Why did God create a man and woman, or hen and cock?” he asked.

He said participants from all religious denominations had been involved in the campaign to boost the struggle against homosexuality that was invading African culture like a cancer.

Elizabeth Mwaka, a German national, said: “I am married to Mr. Mwaka in Manafwa. Uganda is my new home and as a member of the Butilu Manafwa United Christian Ministries, we shall continue to say no to the evil spirit of homosexuality.”

She added: “My message to Bazungu [Whites] is that they should let the African culture alone; they should stop the evil practice of homosexuality and copy the African culture which has continued to respect the natural concept of a man marrying a woman and not a man marrying a man.”

Janet Mbabazi, a second-year student at Uganda Christian University Mukono, said that the “misguided” supporters of homosexuality should remember why God asked Prophet Noah to build the Ark and put a female and male of every plant and animal.

“I hate homosexuals. If our parents were not married as man to woman; who would be the child of today? We should join hands and say no to homosexuals,” she charged.

Martin Nangoli, a pastor, warned leaders against keeping silent on evils which distort Africa’s cultural beliefs and setup.

He added that when righteous people keep quiet, evil triumphs.
“As a pastor at Redeemed Christian Church, I cannot let the evil continue but join hands with others in the struggle to end the evil that is coming to Africa,” Nangoli said.

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